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In the region of Hathor on the mortal planes of Suh-Met lies the High Elven city of Dùndândúil. Jarl Ørnmester, ruler of the city, has detected an increase in evil creatures attacking local farms and the city walls. If left to continue this would affect the food supply and trade to his people. The Ethereal Eldars, in response to his concern, explained that this is likely a re-awoken infernal portal that must be stopped before it yields a more powerful evil. The Jarl's advisors have traced the origin of this portal to be deep within the Crypts of Nakila to the east past Wyrmwood forest. They have sent word to all regions of Suh-Met for any willing adventurers to explore the crypts and put an end to this evil. Having heard about this and carrying a map of the region, you have just arrived at the city gates, ready for your adventure…

there are a few considerations when picking certain races, but every race from the Age of Etherea (AOE) universe is applicable (i.e. Q'thon instead of Gnomes):

High Elf

If you want to be a High Elf, you must think why out of all the city the Jarl would choose you out of every other Elf in his city to accompany the adventurers. Perhaps you climbed the ranks as a noble or a soldier? Perhaps you were sent by the Ethereal Eldars for your skills in arcana?

Mountain Dwarf

to the north of Dùndândúil the small dwarf settlement of Ölumdâg. If you would like to play a mountain dwarf, you must have not have been to or from this settlement, you only know of the clan that inhabit the town, but have no knowledge of the dwarves within it. Perhaps you have been sent by one of the other seven dwarven clans located throughout Suh-Met to locate and learn of Ölumdâg but on stopping off at the elven city, greater good wills you to help defeat a great evil?

Any Infernal Race

In the AOE universe both dragonborn and tiefling could be considered infernal, therefore if you are to play one of these two races you must consider why you would want to put a stop to an infernal portal. Perhaps you have ended your evil ways and have swore an oath to protect the mortal realm from the infernal realm? Perhaps you were born of the mortal realm so the only tie to infernal is your race and your loyalty is to the mortal realm?

Other than these few options I'm very open to suggestion and will allow any character providing supportive back story and is not evil aligned, evil would not put a stop to evil, it makes no sense. Neutral/Good only.

All Other Races

All other races are available to play.

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